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a coastal maine dining room

wolfpeach is a celebration of this unique part of the world that we get to call home.

Our menu honors the northeast and all the natural bounty it has to offer - seafood, produce, and wild-foraged delicacies - as well as all the growers, makers, fisher-people, and stewards of these delicious offerings. We do our absolute best to make everything in-house from local, seasonal ingredients: using Maine-grown flour milled in Skowhegan in our sourdough + pasta, sustainable seafood such as mackerel + squid from our coastal waters, and incredible produce from our surrounding farms.We are thrilled and humbled to be a part of this community, support the local economy, and share what makes this area so special.


To complement the dinner menu, our beverage program is also an ode to the northeast. For us, this means forgoing traditional European wines, and bar staples like citrus, in exchange for more unique offerings from closer to home. We hope that this approach will encourage you to try something new, and learn a bit more about the beverage traditions of this area - both new and old - and the people shaping them.

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